You may have noticed that I love the heritage … well , I do and I hope my drawings reflect this. Architectural heritage is essential in our history and it is so BEAUTIFUL …. and Isee a lot more beauty than in much of today’s buildings . I’m not saying that contemporary architecture is not good , but many suffer from beauty and I look for the beauty where I go and whenever you can, in all kinds of things , without resources, with resources , without good material or with good materials , beauty means caring for the details so that they are pleasing to the eye and inspire the best in us , touching our souls …..

So , I went the other day to draw Providence and went on bike – after saying goodbye to my cat Maya that always leave me at the door – to the Almagro neighborhood. It was specifically the corner of El Bosque in Bilbao , facing the south exit of the Colegio San Ignacio . There is a charming little coffee called SABORES DE BARRIO . I had met its owner, a remarkable girl with French blood in her veins , charming and very creative , a journalist who devised a place where you can go with small children as there is a special place for them, where they activities that promote reading smaller …. great. And with or without children , I really liked the way she serves some very special tees ( in a cup square glass where literally hanging teabag wonderfully scented tea ) I also saw how people praised the muffins and sandwiches. I draw … well … because that corner is a living part of the Almagro neighborhood, where beautiful homes try to survive the construction crane (which seem to work flat out to destroy what they can and raise their towers before the new regulatory plan) that horror I feel when I ride the streets and see their progress …. the neighbors have signs that say “we want our neighbourhood with safe houses ” … it’s nice to see the neighbors together and mobilize to care for their neighborhoods …. good.

The day was drawing as usual I was approached several neighbors to talk and a very loving lady told me she lived very close … I hope she sees this entry .Before the books are published I can not show the finished artwork but you can have a guess with this wtwo pictures.

Prueba de Página de Venta Descartar