It was a cute and sunny September day when we gather a group of friends, watercolors in the majority and I, “the cartoonist to watercolor” at the wonderful and beautiful set Virginia Opazo. Born out of Alameda, an oasis of calm in the Republic district… it is almost unbelievable that those white, bright and warm houses, with their small and harmonious gardens, are so harmoniously designed. A street that was born in Alameda, opens in two curves symmetrical leaving an “island” of houses in the Center and comes together again… Impressive silence and prevailing light. That day, along with my friends watercolors Andrés Achaver, Gonzalo Orellana, Ernesto Díaz and Leonardo Valdés, spent a morning dream, feeling out of Santiago and outside the city bustle…

Because clear, so much vision and perfection in the joint Virginia Opazo, not can have but born of the genius of the architecture eclectic of Luciano Kulczewski. Born in Temuco and Polish ancestry, he studied at the National Institute and the school of architecture of the University of Chile. Rather than make buildings, sought to create places of shelter and of design only, with details custom. His works combined Baroque, neo-Gothic, Art Nouveau, Art Déco and modern movement. It was a pioneer in worrying about the working and social housing and promote public policies in this regard.  Some works are the access to the funicular of Santiago in the Cerro San Cristobal, it population them chestnut in independence, it population Keller of Providencia, House of them towers, houses of neighborhood Matta, and neighborhood Yungay, joint Virginia Opazo, headquarters colleges of architects, pool School of the University of Chile, departments in the Park forest, between others. Most of his works have been declared national monuments or typical areas by the National Monuments Council.

Erika Brandner and watercolors Andres Achavar, Ernesto Díaz, Gonzalo Orellana

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