Got Questions?


What is Erika Brandner Art?

It is the site and online store from the chilean artist Erika Brandner

What does Erika Brandner Art sell?

It sells artworks from Erika Brandner, either as "originals" (nk drawings and watercolors with or without a frame), or as "prints" (postcards and prints) and downloadables. The themes are:

  1. Santiago de Chile, chilean traditions, chilean trees and chilean horses
  2. Women paintings series

Does she accept commisions?

Of course and that has been an important part of her work. Commissions of places, architecture, on site eventsketching (sports & marriages), Portraits, etc.

What guarantees confidence when buying at Erika Brandner Art?

We know that today´s confidence in online shopping is a very serious issue. Thats why we use PAYPAL for international sales.

Is there any guarantee?

Of course. You can read more in the tab "Shipping and Returns", but we inform you that Erika Brandner guarantees all her products since she develops and supervises the entire process.


Do I need to open an account to be able to buy?

No. It is not necessary, we prefer that you have the peace of mind that your data is not stored in any way.


What forms of payment does Erika Brandner accept?

We accept the following payment systems:
Pago Fácil (for Chile)

  • Transbank for Webpay (Credit and Debit Cards)
  • Khipu (Transfers)
  • Multicaja (Cash)
  • Payment 46 (Cash)

In addition we accept payments through Paypal and transfers to the company's current account (you can request the data)

Is it safe to make a payment?

Yes. Because the transaction is not made on our page. But in a secure payment system known as Webpay or Paypal. We also do not keep information about your credit card or payment system. The process of payment by credit card is done through Webpay and this requires additional authentication and validation with confidential information by the buyer to confirm the payment:

1. The buyer arrives at a secure Transbank page where he must choose his payment method and verify the Total to pay.

2. The buyer enters the details of his credit card, chooses the amount of installments and clicks on pay.

3. The payment is validated according to the specificities of each bank. Generally, a username and password will be required, and a number generated with a pinpass / digipass, or the use of a coordinate card.

4. The buyer finally authorizes the payment.

5. The buyer sees the result of the transaction, and clicks Continue to be redirected to a page with more details.

Shipping & Return

How is the shipment made?

In Chile, where the studio is located, Chilexpress is used (it can also be taken out in the workshop after a day and time agreement). To other places in Chile, Starken or the system that you prefer. The shipping costs are additional to the product and are reported on the Payment page.
Outside Chile, Correos de Chile or Chilexpress, according to the client's preferences.

To which countries is it shipped?

Mainly within Chile, but we have shipped to England and the United States, always by Correos de Chile, because depending on the product to be shipped, other shipping systems are usually too expensive.

How much will the shipment cost me?

This is subjective depending on the weight and size of the product, whether the shipment is standard or express and where it will be shipped. But this value will appear on the payment page (before doing it of course).

* Some countries will charge customs or other taxes for the product. These costs are the responsibility of the client.

How long does the order take to arrive?

The shipping time will depend on where you want the product to be shipped. For orders within Santiago, between 24 and 48 hours, outside Santiago, 1 week and outside of Chile, 30 days. Being an artist's work, the work is personally reviewed, packed, sent, etc. But the whole process will be properly discussed with the client.

Do you accept Returns?

Erika Brandner gives total guarantee for her works. She is a serious artist, with a track record of proven responsibility and fulfillment with her clients. No one has returned a work, because the published information accurately and truthfully reflects the work delivered, because the client knows what he will receive, because he can ask all the questions he wants, because he can visit the workshop to see the work directly, because he listens totally to the customer.
That said, it could be that you, still seeing the large number of images in the product gallery, to see it in detail, its size, how it looks with frame, what it contains, etc., dude. We invite you to contact us to answer them before your purchase. But if you bought the same and when the product arrived was NOT what it promised, within 10 days, send us an email or fill out the contact form with your claim. If even after talking you are not satisfied with your product, we will authorize your return (the shipping costs of this must be borne by you). Once the work has been received and verified that it has not been damaged by third parties (it must come in good condition), we will proceed to return the payment of the work, in full.




Privacy & Policy

Information Collected or Received

We work with the Woocommerce platform. The order arrives to us in an order, with the data that you entered (name, address, etc.). We do not store commercial information (credit or debit cards, bank, etc.).
We are not programmers so the data stored automatically by the server, such as IP or others, have no use or relevance for us.

Collection and Use of your Information or Data

We use your personal information to deliver the answers and products required by you. When you enter an order on our site, you must enter your first and last name, a valid email address, telephone number, billing address, delivery address. We will use this information for the dispatch and the data of the invoice (or sales receipt)

We will not send advertising, newsletters or we will share your information.

Erika Brandner Art has a newsletter that requires registration, but this is voluntary and for that there is a form at the bottom of each page. That is the only way to collect email addresses that we use. And each person can easily unsubscribe from our records.

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