Drawing Ink Tree Hawthorn


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Ink Drawing of a chilean Espino tree
50 x 70 cm. (19.7 "x 27.5")
High quality materials and durability
No Frame Included

Drawing of a chilean Espino (Acacia Caven). It is a small tree from the central zone of Chile and other countries of South America. It is very resistant to drought and its hard wood is used as charcoal. Although its many thorns, when it blooms it gives a wonderful spectacle of yellow flowers. Its fruit is a dry pod with the seeds inside.

The artwork was done with multiple ink lines (hatching) that forms a lattice that resembles the thin branches of the tree. The darkest areas were made with more hatching in the same oose and organic style.

Size: 50 x 70 cm. (19.7″ x 27.5″) – 1/2 pliego.
Acid free paper for longlasting whiteness
Watercolor Paper 160 lb.
Water and UV resistant ink

Framing suggestion with glass to protect the paper and with Passepartout to highlight the work.

You can watch the process in the following videos or on my YouTube channel:



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