6 Postcards Set / Santiago de Chile Old Districts


Set of 6 "Old Neighborhoods" postcards of Santiago de Chile:

  1. Lehuede Castle
  2. Mar del Plata Building
  3. Cité Adriana Cousiño
  4. Plaza Libertad de Prensa
  5. Antiques of Barrio Italia
  6. William Noon set


This set of 6 postcards is a selection of images painted by Erika Brandner in situ, that is, in the same place. They were made with a drawing of ink and then colored with watercolor. Photography, editing and printing control are by the same artist, so each postcard is a true reflection of the original painting.
6 postcards size 11 x 18 cm (4.3 "x 7")
Cardboard couché
Matte laminated offset printing

This set is called "Old Neighborhoods" of Santiago de Chile and has the following 6 reasons:

  1. Castillo Rojo Hotel Bellavista (Former Castle Lehuede)
  2. Iconic corner building on Pedro de Valdivia street with Mar del Plata in Providencia
  3. Cité Adriana Cousiño in Barrio Yungay
  4. Plaza Libertad de Prensa in Barrio Concha y Toro
  5. Antiques of Condell with Caupolican in the Barrio Italia
  6. Conjunto William Noon, in Manuel Montt corner Alberto Magno in Providencia

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@ erikabrandner

Entrance of Legs in Movement to the Rein. Ink drawing with watercolor from photograph of Santa Elba Alharaco #criaderosantaelba # movimientoalarienda # rodeochileno # caballochileno #rodeo
This is how the engraved ink drawings would look framed, with a frame that grows and looks more. And as a comparison, I attached an image of the original work without a frame. In this example I draw Romario, but it can be his colt or his mare, on request. #caballos #caballochileno #horseart #dibujosdecaballos #criaderopeleco
Size 100 x 70, inks on watercolor paper. #caballos #horseart #caballochileno
The curator of the exhibition "The Art of Paper", with the chosen works talking with me about conceptual, aesthetic, compositional, weights and relationships and why the selection. I do not paint horses, I paint their Soul. And the brio and the movement of the colt. It was shocking for me to hear that from him. It was what I was looking to achieve ...... Days 8 and 9 of June from 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. official launch of @universidadedopapelchile with @fabricademedios Exhibition The art of paper in Chile, artistic activities and presentation of our activities calendar 2019-2020. @if_blanco Calle Puma 1180, Recoleta #paperdaychile #universidadedopapelchile #ingerquimica #ifblanco #fabricademedios #corfo #cmpc #cmpctissue #cmpcbrasil #weworksantiagodechile #casadeoficios # factoríadeoficios #balmacedaartejoven #antalischile #atcpchile #expocorma #atomica_cl #manodechef #prochile
Today presenting my works for this Saturday's exhibition, "The Art of Paper" on the occasion of the launch of the Universidad Do Papel Chile in IF Blanco. Days 8 and 9 of June from 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm official launch @universidadedopapelchile with @fabricademedios Exhibition The art of paper in Chile, artistic activities and presentation of our agenda of activities 2019-2020. @if_blanco Calle Puma 1180, Recoleta #paperdaychile #universidadedopapelchile #ingerquimica #ifblanco #fabricademedios #corfo #cmpc #cmpctissue #cmpcbrasil #weworksantiagodechile #casadeoficios # factoríadeoficios #balmacedaartejoven #antalischile #atcpchile #expocorma #atomica_cl #manodechef #prochile
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