Set of 6 Postcards from Chilean Traditons, the Mapocho River and the Andes mountains


Set of 6 postcards «Chilean Traditions, Mapocho and Andes» of Santiago de Chile:

  1. Chinchineros
  2. French hairdressing
  3. Huaso and Chinita
  4. Curved Bridge
  5. Rodeo
  6. Plaza Baquedano

This set of 6 postcards is a selection of images painted by Erika Brandner in situ, that is, in the same place. They were made with a drawing of ink and then colored with watercolor. Photography, editing and printing control are by the same artist, so each postcard is a true reflection of the original painting.
6 postcards size 11 x 18 cm (4.3 "x 7")
Cardboard couché
Matte laminated offset printing

This set is called "Chilean Traditions, the Mapocho and the Andes" and has the following 6 reasons:

  1. Chinchineros: Musicians living heritage of Chile
  2. French hairdresser: Iconic hairdresser that has been operating for 100 years.
  3. Huaso and Chinita: The typical characters of the Chilean countryside
  4. Curved Bridge: Racamalac Bridge or Condell, the only curved on the Mapocho River.
  5. Rodeo: Chilenol
  6. Plaza Baquedano: The separation between the historic and modern Santiago, with the Andes in the background.

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@ erikabrandner

My drawing of the "Caballero" of Peleco, with a grid to compare proportions. I based myself on several photographs, not one in particular and moderated it with the visual record or memory of having seen it as a Race Seal in the exhibition of Champion 2019. Original in Fine black ink, pencil 0.1 on paper. Soon available as reproduction. # pelecocaballero # caballochileno # selloderaza # sketchinghorses #
The corner where the magic happens. What other name can the creation of a work, drawing or painting have? I feel applied and I begin, listening carefully to what will guide my hand. Only then will a work reach the heart of someone. Too much reason is just technique.
Almost ready this black foal. Tomorrow I incorporate the constructive grid. # dibujocaballo # caballochileno # colro # horsedrawing
Working on a new drawing of colt #caballochileno # dibujoscaballos # sketchinghorses
Little by little the popular scene is being put together
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