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Chilean Horses Watercolor
14.5 x 40.5 cm.
High quality materials and durability
No Frame included


Chilean Horses Watercolor
Small Format landscape: 5.7" x 15.9"
Acid free paper for longlasting whiteness
Watercolor Paper 160 lb.
Archival quality ink, water & light resistant
Artist / high quality professional Watercolors, longlasting colors
Framing suggestion: With Glass to protect the paper and with mat to enhance the painting.



This horses watercolor shows them in movement and was done to represent the vitality and strength of this noble animal. While it could be any race of horses, the inspiration and documentation comes from the Chilean horse.

The Chilean Horse is known as the «Corralero Horse». Perhaps one of the oldest in South America, its origin goes back to the horses that came with the Spaniards in the conquest. This race is extremely resistant, docile and disciplined. It is also very agile and medium in size. Distinctive is his head "acarnerada". The mane, both in the tail and in the tussa, is abundant, thick and wavy.

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@ erikabrandner

Let's go with the color and ... #horses #horseart #caballochileno #dibujosdecaballos #pinturasdecaballos @criaderogallipavo
List the drawing stage of this colt. Then comes the color. #caballos #horseart #caballochileno # dibujosdecaballos @ criaderogallipavo
A "section" of Cuasimodo ... is bigger and incorporates cyclists and the cart with the priest, as well as country houses, hills and wild flowers ... for an educational publication of our traditions. #cuasimodo #caballochileno #tradicioneschilenas
This is crazy. I embarked on a bigger commission from the head of a colt and well, I "emerged" as inspiration to do it with fine achurado and then put the color .... patience. Just patience. #caballos #horseart #caballochileno @criaderogallipavo
Watercolor loose style and inspired by the colt Cinzano. Sold Made to order. 51 x 65 cm. #caballos #caballochileno #horseart # acuarelasdecaballos # horsewatercolor
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